Easy Office Suite

Easy Office Suite is a venture of Rainybits to make the world a better place, supported by our strong belief that smart technology can help us understand and solve its many complex problems for the betterment of all.

It is carefully crafted to assist start-ups and small organizations to better orchestrate their routine undertakings. In today's business world where time equates money, every minute saved is another penny in the pouch. The three free applications provided at Easy Office Suite helps you to preserve time, minimize expense and make leave management hassle free.

Easy Office Suite was born in our R & D labs and it has been making life easier for our team here at Rainybits and this is our sincere effort to share the same joy with the rest of the world; Our little contribution to a smarter world.

Free Timesheet App

Timesheet app lets you keep track of employee hours with ease. The interactive interface of the application makes it easy for the employees to add, edit and delete work details and working hours with just a few clicks. Another highlighting feature of the application is the ability to accurately track the employee bills and create respective expense sheets which could be downloaded in XLS format. Additionally, you can also generate a printable invoice with a simple click.

Free Leave App

The leave application tool equips you with a powerful leave management ability. With no effort employees can apply leave to the concerned head for approval who then has the provision to approve or reject the leave. The application also provides the employer or the administrator a means to view the leave details of each employees. Everything with just a few clicks!

Free In Memory Pay Slip Tool

What makes this tool stand out is its functionality to easily generate printable pay slip which comes with an optional save feature, thus letting you effectively manage your storage space as well. The tool also comes with provisions to search through the saved pay slips for each employees for future review and references.

Rainybits Technology Pvt. Ltd.

RainyBits is a technology company with a mission to make the world a better place. In an increasingly connected world, we believe that smart technology can help us understand and solve its many complex problems for the betterment of all.

RainyBits is led by people who share the same vision and passion for a better and brighter future. Collectively, we have 100+ years of international industry experience designing and building world class software. We are fun loving and trust worthy individuals with commitment to personal and professional integrity. We are the kind of people you wouldenjoy hanging out in a tree house while watching monsoon rains!

Our R&D team helps define and deliver Smart Technology. In today’s connected world, every technology is evolving to become smart (have a ‘brain’ and can make recommendations or take action that benefits the user). Smartphones are becoming smarter by the day. Smart sensors and things connected to the internet (‘Internet of Things’) has already helping optimize electricity and water usage. Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality is going to bring even more of smart computing into our real world.